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Statement of the Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union

On Wednesday 5/6/2024, the leadership council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) held its regular meeting.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Statement of the regular meeting of the Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union

On Wednesday 5/6/2024 the KIU Leadership Council held its regular meeting in the hall of (Shamal Mufti) chaired by Dr. Hadi Ali, Chairman of the Leadership Council, and the presence of Salahaddin Mohammed Bahaaddin, Secretary-General of the KIU, and Dr. Mohammed Ahmad, Chairman of the Party's High Supervisory Committee.

First, Salahaddin Mohammed Bahaaddin, Secretary-General of the KIU, in a speech highlighted the general situation and presented the necessary views on this issue.

Then the members of the leadership council in several consecutive meetings discussed the agenda topics of the meeting and held detailed discussions to identify the current tasks and responsibilities and reach the necessary decisions and recommendations as follows:

First, regarding the issue of salaries and issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad, the leadership council meeting emphasizes that both the Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad should accelerate to complete the banking issue and fulfill the needs of paying salaries, in the framework of the decisions of the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court, and called on them to resolve the problems and obstacles facing paying salaries of the security forces. In this regard, the leadership praised the role of the lawyer's team and the KIU bloc in Baghdad that were able to legally and professionally resolve the salary case in the Federal Supreme Court in the interest of the salaried employees of the region.

Second, regarding the issue of the upcoming parliamentary elections, the leadership meeting considers it necessary to announce the date of the elections as soon as possible as determined by the Iraqi High Election Commission, it is also necessary to create the conditions for holding clean elections free from interference and fraud under the supervision of UNAMI and relevant organizations in this field.

In this regard, the leadership meeting stressed the readiness of the Kurdistan Islamic Union to actively participate in the elections, for this purpose calls on all voters of our people to go to the polls with the utmost confidence and make necessary changes in the political map of the Kurdistan region and pave the way for conducting radical reforms in the governance system to end corruption, injustice and bad policies of the ruling parties.

Third, regarding the events in the region in general and the crimes of genocide committed by the occupying Zionist regime against the people of Gaza, the leadership meeting once again expressed its solidarity with the people of Gaza.
It also expresses its concern against the silence of the international community against the war crimes and genocide committed against the Gaza Strip and condemns its support for the murderous occupying regime.

It praised the heroic role of the Palestinian resistance forces and called for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the massacre and genocide of the people of Gaza.

In the last topic of the meeting, the leadership council expressed its gratitude to all the organs of the party and charitable, preaching, and mass organizations that continue to provide the best example of activities and services to the people of Kurdistan.

Finally, we ask Allah to accept the Hajj and worship of the pilgrims in general, especially the Kurdistan pilgrims to return to their families safely and healthily.

May Allah support and guide us all

Leadership Council
Kurdistan Islamic Union