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Secretary-General sends his congratulations on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan

Secretary-General sends his congratulations on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan

Secretary-General of (Kurdistan Islamic Union) sent a message of congratulations to the Muslims of Kurdistan and the world on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan

This is the text of the message:

 The people of Kurdistan ...

We thank God that we are receiving the holy month of Ramadan. The month of fasting, tolerance, mercy and salvation from the fire, the month of self-revision, repentance and difficult decision, the month of development of strong will and spiritual and moral atmosphere.

It is a matter of pride that our people and our Kurdish community always pay great attention to the reception of this blessed month.

I took this important occasion to present several suggestions and recommendations to citizens, forces, trends, political organizations and civil society activists in the following points:

1. In light of these poor financial conditions and poor living conditions, as a result of economic failure in our region, away from the analytical debate and litigation, it is time to launch an aid campaign and start cooperation and financial and social attention among citizens at the level of villages, cities and neighborhoods, the campaign against poverty and the aid of people with special needs and the disadvantaged and deprived children, it is an important opportunity for the brothers and sisters who are fortunate to get the blessing in their livelihood and earn them by bringing joy to the hearts of their fellow citizens ...

2 - I hope to invest this moral and spiritual climate for the month of Ramadan, to bring about national reconciliation among the political parties, and to stop the negative struggle and partisan opportunism of events, our people do not deserve this deprivation and reluctance, the month of Ramadan a good opportunity to reconcile and go to the dialogue table to get treatments.

3. On this blessed occasion, I hope that brothers and sisters, social media activists, media outlets and media professionals will be patient and avoid the media battles and conflicts, and refrain from using inappropriate words and chants, jokes and surmounting history ... I tell them that there are many aesthetic spaces that can advise them not to ruin this spiritual and moral atmosphere for the month of Ramadan, and extinguish the fire of vandalism and sedition .. Those areas are coexistence and respect each other.

In conclusion, pray to God to accept from everyone their fasting and obedience

your brother

Salahadin Mohammed Bahaaudin

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union