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Secretary-General: Muslims must line up in a unified front to ward off risks

Secretary-General: Muslims must line up in a unified front to ward off risks

The Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Salahuddin Mohammad Bahaauddin, warned of the existence of serious threats to Muslim communities, calling on Muslims to line up in a united front to ward off those risks.

The Secretary-General's speech came in the context of an interview with the agency "Kurd press", on the sidelines of his participation in the 32th International Conference of the "Islamic Unity" held in the Iranian capital Tehran.

Secretary-General said: "The International Islamic Unity Conference was a positive step to reach the true meaning of the unity of the Islamic class, especially on the axis of Jerusalem."

"There is no doubt that the only solution to the Islamic community, especially the Islamic scholars, thinkers and governments, is to leave the controversial points aside, because their raising does not serve the Muslim communities," he said. "In turn, the Islamic governments to read the Islamic history accurately, separation from the past, away from issues that raise the division between Muslims, and focus on common points and topics, especially the Quran and the true Sunnah are convergence of all Islamic groups.

"All Muslims in the world must take into account the interests of the Muslim communities and put them at the top of the priorities, because there is a serious threat to our Islamic societies, the Muslims should be patient and united in a united front to face those dangers," he said.